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A Tale of Two Cities

January 23, 2009

The following is my entry in CBC Radio’s 3 “SEARCHLIGHT! What is the Best Live Music Club in Canada?

As a university student I have to unique privilege of commenting on scenes in both Toronto and the lovably bizarre city of Windsor, Ontario.

As a sometimes resident of an outlying neighborhood in Toronto proper I don’t go to too many shows in Hogtown. While a nod goes to the kitschy nature of The Smiling Buddha, last summer I went to a one off show at the Lucky Dragon in Chinatown. The owners didn’t know what they were getting themselves into but by the end of the night they were having more fun than the 50 some-odd kids jammed in there.

When I’m in Windsor, I thoroughly enjoy going to Phog. They are huge supporters of the local arts scene beyond just music; the visual art community has also benefited from events held there as well. Because of the bands they regularly book and great atmosphere without the plastic people usually found in the Rose City I am proud to endorse Phog Lounge.