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Capitalist Bread Lines

December 4, 2008
Eww! Much?

Eww! Much?

Recently, leading economists said that we in North America have been in a recession for the past year. As a student, I could have told you that. It was damn near impossible to find seasonal work last summer. Also, I have been a regular consumer of  what I call the McDonalds “recession special”: $1 Double Hamburgers. A feat that’s been difficult for the past few weeks due to renovations at the MacDo across the street from the Art School. The management shut down the “lobby”, and thus the only way to get hamburgers has been the drive-thru windows.

A couple weeks ago I spent half-an-hour standing in the drive-thru queue behind a high-school football team to get three hamburgers. Wiser men may have gone home or at least to Harvey’s. But no, I waited in line constantly thinking.

“Welcome the bread lines of the New Economy.”